I am so excited it is October 31 also none as Halloween. Today for Halloween I am dressing up as a zombie. My personal favorite type of candy is well I don’t really have a favorite, but my favorite for today would be twizlers. Whats your favorite type of candy or what are you being for Halloween?

Book Reviews (Witches and Minecraft books)

Witches by Roald DahlWitches is a good but scary book. It’s about a boy who loses his parents and lives with his grandma. His grandma tells him stories about witches and how there are so many in England. They visit England and he finds the witches at the hotel there staying at. If you want to know more then I recommend you read the book.

Minecraft Books: They are really good books. If you know somebody that likes minecraft then minecraft books might be a good present. Minecraft handbooks show you how to play that subject of the game. There are 4 main subjects combat, essential, constructions and redstone.

I hope if you read these books that you will like them.  What are your favorite books?

Shiloh (book review)

I think you should read Shiloh because if you like happy endings but sad the rest of the story than this is the book for you. Quick peek: a 11 year old boy named Marty finds a dog and name’s it Shiloh. Marty gets attached to Shiloh and try’s to find a way to pay for Shiloh so he can have him for his own. If you want to know more read the book.


In my family October is a very busy month my brothers birth day is on the 12th and my moms is on the 9th. Halloween is really fun.  We sometimes go to a Halloween party. This year we are going to santa’s village I’m really excited. I hope you might tell me a little about October in your family.


I realized I havent blogged in a while so I thought why not blog today. I’m really excited about Halloween. I don’t even know what I’m going to be. I think I might be a mummy but I’m not totally sure. What do you think your going to be?